By 2019 I’d accomplished a lot in my life and had plenty to 
be proud of. A successful military career, rapid growth in a Fortune 100 business, successfully launching a health care practice that approached 7-figures in 3 years, two happy and healthy children, and an eCommerce company that 
was hitting $3M per month in sales, and life looked amazing to everyone around me.

Then it happened…

My relationship fell apart, resulting in a divorce; our eCommerce business imploded and went out of business 
in 45 days; business partners booted me out of my own business; the government shut down all of our events. 
In short, my life was in shambles. 

Within one year I’d gone from being on top other world 
to struggling to survive


My life has been nothing if not an adventure. From the depths of the ocean to the top of the world, I’ve endured and seen more than most in a lifetime. And I’ve discovered what I call the Core Four Principles in life.

My ultimate aim is freedom & autonomy…

For me, for my family, for my fellow entrepreneurs, and for my country. 

And that starts with the right kind of education (not the traditional one most people get)…

That results in sound physical health…

Which allows you to build the wealth and security you desire…

To ultimately achieve the freedom you deserve.

How I help entrepreneurial minded leaders

achieve their purpose and freedom

Achieve lasting success by balancing personal and professional life.

Start with the end in mind. Build a business you will sell.

Use OPM to grow and then let your money work for you.

Dive into a World

of Specialized Services

Discover ways Mr. Barnes can consult with your company

to help you achieve your short and long term goals.

Capital Raising & Investing

Risk Management

Navigate uncertainties with strategic risk management insights.

Venture Growth
Fund Management

Invest in the next generation of private companies with confidence.

Innovation and Technology

Spearheaded international projects with cutting-edge technology.

Capital Raising & Investing

Free Site Audit and
Marketing Score

Evaluate website and marketing performance with a complimentary audit.

Customized Websites
and Funnels

Build attractive, conversion-driven online platforms.


AI-Driven Advertising

Optimize media buying 
and targeting for effective campaigns.

Capital Raising & Investing

Business Valuations


Leverage proprietary software for maximum business valuations & exits.

Automated Customer

Implement AI-driven systems for seamless customer interactions.

Strategic Partnerships

Forge powerful alliances for sustainable business growth.

For those seeking a collaborative venture, explore the opportunity to work directly with Mr. Barnes. Whether you’re a business owner looking to scale or an aspiring entrepreneur, the chance to collaborate awaits.